Sound therapy

Sound therapy

What is Sound therapy?

Sound is –  energy, or waves, that all living things, or matter, produce, when they vibrate.

Sound healing works on the human body by sound waves of specific therapeutic frequencies travelling down to the cellular level to re-set cells to their natural state.

It will and can, balance emotions, the nervous system, energise the human body, calm the body, yet make it stronger at the same time. It is an excellent means of de-stressing and slowing down from the fast paced lives we all seem to lead.

Therapeutic sounds from healing instruments can feed and nourish every aspect of our being. The body resonates with the sounds it hears, absorbs them, and they can act as a catalyst for self healing. The vibrations and frequencies from the instruments used, can heal, balance, undo states of disharmony and restore us to the perfect being we were born as.

Blockages can be cleared from our bodies that have arisen in our lives, often from emotional traumas. Old energy can be released and new energy brought in, allowing the body to self heal. Unused energy that our bodies are carrying, can be reawakened and used to help self heal the body, to balance it, and indeed to empower it.

Sound therapy one to one sessions are carried out using a variety of therapeutic healing instruments, including tuning forks, tibetan singing bowls, crystal bowls, drums, gongs and voice.



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