Sound Therapy

“Fascinating treatment, after receiving close to 3rd degree burns on my entire right leg and foot from a pot of boiling pasta, Denise worked her amazing forks on the area. I can say that I instantly felt a movement of energy and at my dressing change several days later, the nurses were amazed at the rapid healing. I was so intrigued and thankful I needed to know more about the forks, I googled to discover their incredible history and how they are being used in science today. Denise knows her forks so intuitively and brings a beautiful healing energy to her treatment. I’m waiting impatiently for my next session. I can’t recommend Denise more highly, she will be a very busy lady when the word is out. Namaste Denise, eternally grateful.” – Aisling, Bray

“After having a session of Solfeggio sound therapy with Denise, the pain in my arm and elbow from tennis was gone. Wonderful treatment. On another occasion when I had the energy vitality treatment, a few days later I noticed an improvement in my skin tone and my husband commented on how relaxed I appeared to be as well. Thank you Denise! I would recommend everyone to try this therapy out.” – O.B., Kilquade

“I came to Denise to boost my immune system, after recovering from cancer. I loved the feeling or sensation of rippling waves over my body during the chakra balancing. I felt very content and relaxed after the session. 3 days later I was aware of being very clear and cool-headed when having to deal with a sudden health crisis in my family. I felt no panic at all and did not get stressed out about it. Thank you for this amazing treatment, Denise. I can feel my body healing itself.” – C.D.R., Greystones

“I found this treatment amazing and with instant results. I had gone because of a sore back and was unable to bend fully. After the treatment I was pain-free and could bend! The treatment itself is wonderful. I could feel the sounds resonating through my body and I was totally relaxed and didn’t want the treatment to end.” – Deirdre, Bray

I have had the pleasure of having sound therapy treatment with Denise.. I first got to try it at a Mind and Body show, and I was blown away at what it opened within me, in just 10 minutes. I returned for a full session and Denise makes you feel  at such ease and comfort. She did ask me my preference, but the second you walk in her room, it is so peaceful and calm, as is Denise herself, I was more than happy to be guided as to what Denise thought was best for me. Again, I received an amazing awakening which has continued on. Thank you Denise. I will definitely want more sound therapy. It was an absolute honour to receive this beautiful healing. Namaste. – Karie Fitzell. Arklow.


Reiki Workshops


“Fantastic weekend, worth every moment with delightful Denise!” – Martina, Rathfarnham


“Very informative and experiential. Gently and sensitively guided.” – Catherine, Greystones

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