What are Solfeggio sacred tuning forks?

14237479_292116921158186_4072281427645751067_nTuning forks offer one type of vibrational sound therapy. They can awaken unused energy sitting in your body and re-balance it throughout yourself, allowing you to feel more energized.

We currently only use 3% of our energy to be in survival mode, so there’s a lot left dormant that we can re-distribute. This will help you become revitalised and you can use this new-found energy to self-heal, empower yourself, and indeed manifest change in your life, where you may have become “stuck” or blocked.

The tuning forks offer distinctive vibrational frequencies, measured in hertz, that resonate with the body, chakra and aura systems, allowing the entire human being to self-heal, if the client is accepting of it, on an astral, spiritual, emotional and physical level. Each frequency resonates with each of the first 6 chakras, starting with the root up to the third eye.

  • The first frequency is for negative field release, which allows you to release fear and guilt
  • The second frequency allows you to create positive change
  • The third frequency is for transformation and miracles to take place, as well as DNA repair (which has been scientifically proven, on this frequency)
  • The fourth frequency is for help and growth in love and unity
  • The fifth frequency is for heightening your intuition and enlightenment
  • The sixth frequency is for enabling spiritual light and awareness

There are various bespoke treatment sessions available, using tuning forks, from vitality technique to clear/cleanse/balance technique. After consultation, the most suitable technique is offered for you, the client.  This should be relaxing and enjoyable, promoting self-healing and empowerment of one’s self.

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