The Effects of Sound on Water

Sound is ENERGY. We are ENERGY. The universe is ENERGY. Sound and vibrations connect us all.

Sound vibrations of different frequencies cause matter, including  water, to resonate with that frequency heard. Certain frequencies are very healing, and pull discordant matter back into universal balance. Other frequencies, which are not so healing, pull matter into disorder and chaos. I invite you to watch the you tube clips on Dr. Emoto’s work – see how sounds create certain shapes, balanced and unbalanced. See how the tone of our voices affects everything too. Consider now that our human bodies are made up of  around 75% water. What are we doing to ourselves inside, without even realising?


Solfeggio frequencies in water form beautiful six-sided geometric patterns.

Cymatics is the ability of sound to organise and re-pattern matter. Imagine the self healing that can take place inside of you, if exposed to the correct  healing frequencies and sounds in the universe, and offered by the sacred Solfeggio sounds.


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